Difficult behavior due to FASD

A family had adopted a new-born baby, she was only eight months old when she went to live with her new family. They noticed she was an unhappy baby. She spent all her time in her pram and did not like being picked up or comforted and she would not smile. When she spent her time in a pram she would never stop moving.

After a few weeks her personality changed and she would not stop moving or laughing, she was always “on the go”. Despite never stopping she would only sleep 2-3 hours and would never take naps in the middle of the day. Her new family thought this would calm down in a few months but she never did. She became more active. After many sleepless nights, the family started researching and came across Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder [FASD]. They knew the birth mother drank alcohold throughout her pregnancy. After they had seen a specialist they they realised she was suffering from FASD.

Her personality can change in the “click of a finger”; she had lashed out at other parents in her mood swings. She also has no receptor for danger as she can cross a road without looking; she would talk to strangers.

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