16 Year old injured whilst on work experience

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Subject: 16 Year old child injured whilst on work experience

A 16 year old boy who was on work experience sustained injuries to his hand whilst he was cleaning printing machinery. The boy was on work experience for just two weeks at the box company.

The accident happened when the cloth the boy was using to clean the machine became entangled in the top roller, dragging his hand into a machine, breaking a finger and causing crush injuries to two of his fingers. The company had no risk assessments or safe operating procedures for any of their machines and the procedure used to clean the printer roller posed a risk to their employees’ safety.

The boy had a specific task of folding and breaking out cardboard boxes, however if he had completed this he was told to help clean up machines.

The company was fined a total of £12,000 and ordered to pay £3,451 costs.

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