Two young children left injured after two separate dog attacks

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Subject: Two young children left injured after two separate dog bite attacks

Officials say two dogs have been impounded after injuring young children in two separate incidents.

The first child accident happened when the bull terrier dog was left alone with the two year old child who was attacked seconds after the owner had turned his back. The child was left with deep cuts and had to be stitched up in hospital.

The second of the dog bite attacks happened when the owner of an adult chow/shepherd mix dog was eating snacks on the floor of her home with her children, when the dog pinned down her one-year-old.

Both dogs have been seized and are in the custody of Animal and Bylaw Services, where they will be held and observed over the next 10 days for behavioral assessment. Both owners have been charged with a dog biting a person. Neither dog has a prior record of aggression.