Child injured on work experience placement

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Subject:  Child injured on work experience placement

A 15 year old child injury and fractured wrist compensation claim, causes when fallling down stairs.

The child accident claim happened when the teenager was in an office placement at a postal office where he was carrying out several weeks of work experience.  A stairway with uneven steps and unsupported railings was used by the child throughout the day to complete tasks. When the boy had complained of almost falling the supervisor explained that he be more cautious on the uneven and unsteady steps.

The child then fell moments later down the stairs and fractured his wrist. He also sustained grazing and cuts to his knees.

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  • Work accident and fracture to wrist compensation payout guide below:


Wrist Injury at work compensation guide:
Severe with complete loss of function – child injuries following accident claim



With significant permanent disability – child injuries



With some permanent disability, pain, stiffness – child injuries compensation



With recovery complete – child injuries solicitors               £3,000


Colles’ fracture – child accident solicitors