Child injury due to negligence

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Child injury claim example

A mother made a child injury claim on behalf of her son who suffered injury.

The family had recently installed a new bathroom suite into the family home.

A sharp piece of metal was left sticking out of the bath panel.

The child cut his hand on the metal which bled extensively. He was taken to A&E following the child injury.

The wound had to be dressed and kept clean and dry. He had to return to his local doctors for the wound to be redressed.
The child’s hand would hurt if he knocked it; he also had trouble sleeping as if he rolled onto his hand he would wake up in pain.
The child was left with a scar which was only noticeable by close inspection.

Child injury claim

Following settlment of the child injury compensation claim, the child was awarded the sum of £2,000.

Chiild injury compensation

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Child injury compensation

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Total Loss of Middle Finger –  child injuries solicitors             £11,500


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£ 3,190