Climbing frame accident caused scarring

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A litigation friend made a children’s injury claim after a palyground climbing frame accident.
The child fell off the climbing frame when his foot got caught in a rotten plank and hit his stomach on a metal bar which formed the step ladder.
The claimant had extreme pain and vomiting after the accident, he was taken to hospital where he had a CT scan.
The CT scan found that a there was free gas in the peritoneal cavity and also a small cut to the small bowel. The injured caused the child to have an operation and be in intensive care for five days. He was discharged from hospital seven days after the accident. His wound had to be dressed regularly.
He was off school for one term.

Children’s injury claim – compensation payout

When the claimant returned to school, the child was aware of the appearance of the scar and was teased for the way it looked.
The child was awarded £13,600 child injury compensation after the settlement of the claim.

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