Accident at school caused brain injury

Child accident solicitors

A litigation friend made a child  brain injury claim  after an accident in school. The child was taking part in a P.E lesson when a javelin pierced the child’s skull.
The child was distracted by a teacher shouting and ran into the javelin which was thrown by another student.

Child brain injury accident at school

Liability from the child accident was disputed when making the child injury claim  The javelin landed just above the claimant’s eye penetrating four inches into the claimant brain.  The litigation friend was blamed the child accident, citing her child’s; aggressive behavior, poor performance at school, long-term unemployment.
The child’s case had been won by her solicitors and the child was awarded £224,941 in child injury compensation.

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Child brain injury compensation solicitors

In need of more information and advice please contact us without delay.  Below offers some guidance on brain injury /head injury compensation.

Head Injury and Brain Injury Compensation

Very Severe Brain Damagechild injuries accident £180,000 to £260,000
Moderately Severe Brain Injurychild injury accident £140,000 to £180,000
Moderate Brain Damagechild injuries compensation £28,000 to £140,000
Moderate Brain Damagechild injury solicitors £28,000 to £140,000
Minor Brain Damagechild injuries accident £10,000 to £28,000
Minor Head Injurychild injury accident £1,500 to £9,000
Epilepsy – Established Grand Malchild injuries compensation £65,000 to £97,000
Epilepsy – Established Petit Mal child injury solicitors £35,000 to £85,000
Minor – Moderate Epileptic Conditionschild injuries accident £7,000 to £17,000