Scarring and teeth injuries due to car accident

Child accident solicitors

A parent/guardian (know as a litigation friend) made a child injury claim when the child suffered injury in a car accident.
The child was a passenger in a car which lost control and collided with a bus.

Car accident and child injury
The claimant was taken to hospital following the accident and stayed in for six days. The child suffered from a fracture to her lower jaw and lost of some teeth.
Days after the accident she had an operation to fix the fracture with micro-plates and screws. During the operation the claimant had lost two teeth. A month later she needed further operations to remove an arch wire and five teeth.

Five years after the accident the claimant had another operation to remove a loose bone plate and vermilion on the lower lip. The claimant was left with scars that were permanent and noticeable.

The infant child solicitors valued the compensation in the region  £ 14,000 after making a  child compensation claim.

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Damage to Teeth
Loss/Damage to several front teeth   – child injury accident



Loss two front teeth  – child injury compensation



Loss of one front tooth  – child injuries accident