Flight delay compensation?

Flight delay compensation?

A little off the point for a child injury claim, we know but when searching our web site you may be interested to know that we have an established flight delay compensation department who will be able to claim compensation for a delayed flight for you and your children.

Can a child claim for flight delay compensation?

The answer is yes.  Providing that you have purchased a ticket for the child or children and that you have checked in on time.

How much compensation can I claim for a flight delay?

This depends on the length of journey and the destination.  Importantly the amount of time your flight was delayed also plays a part.  You could claim up to about £500 per passenger (including your child or children) who flew with you.

For a family of 4 you could claim up to about £2,000.

What do I do to make a flight delay compensation claim?

It is easy.  You can contact us on our main web site: Flight delay compensation, All You Need To Know or call us.

Flight delay compensation Form

Flight Cancellation Compensation?

If your flight delay or total loss of your trip was due to a cancellation then you can also claim for flight cancellation compensation.  If you need any more information see our main web site: Flight Cancellation Compensation

Flight Cancellation Compensation – Claim Form