Child involved in car accident – whiplash injury

Children injury claims, Car accident and child injury

Car accident and child injury

A litigation friend made a children’s injury claim after their child suffered a whiplash injury in a car accident. The child was in a car seat with a five point harness. After the collision the child began to cry and clung to his mother. The child had red marks on his neck which was consistent with the harness. He complained that his neck was hurting the night of the child accident.

Whiplash injury compensation

His litigation friend took him to the doctors the neck day who said give him pain relief when necessary.  The red marks settled after a day though he had disturbed sleep for 3 days following the child accident.

The child whiplash injury lasted for a period of 9 weeks.

The infant claimant was awarded £1600 compensation after making children’s injury claim.

Child Whiplash injury compensation

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