Whiplash caused by car accident

Car accident and child injury

A litigation friend made a child injury claim after their daughter suffered a child whiplash injury.  Their daughter was in a car accident where the car was hit at the rear end of the car.  Following the accident the child was shocked and felt dizzy she also had pain in her back and neck.

The claimant suffered a cut to the side of her neck and bruising caused by her seatbelt. The day after the accident the pain in her neck and back worsened and she was unable to move her neck and also had problems sleeping and sitting. She attended her GP who advised her to take painkillers. The child took one week off school due to the accident and also became a nervous passenger in a car. Symptoms where resolved in 9-11 months.

Child Whiplash injury compensation

In respect of a child whiplash injury lasting for a duration of 9 – 11 months the compensation is considered to be valued in the region of £2,700.

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