Car accident caused whiplash injuries

Car accident and child injury

A litigation friend made a child injury claim when the daughter suffered from a child whiplash injury. The infant claimant was involved in a car accident which caused her whiplash injuries, bruising, travel anxiety and headaches. The impact of the car accident caused the child to hit their head on the head rest.  The child was in shock and tearful.

The child attended hospital following the car accident which found that she suffered from a mild concussion, whiplash and seatbelt bruising. She was advised to take pain killers for the pain.

Following the Car Accident

The day after the car accident the claimant suffered from a sore tongue, headaches and neck pain. She was also apprehensive to travel by car.  All symptoms were resolved in three months.

Child injury whiplash compensation

A whiplash injury award by the child solicitors was valued in the region of £1,760 for the child accident compensation.