Whiplash Injury To Child 9 Years Old

Whiplash Injury To Child 9 Years Old

The whiplash injury claim arose when a child aged 9 was a back seat passenger with his parents.  His father was driving the car when it was involved in a car accident.  The car was hit from behind when stationary in traffic.

The “rear end shunt” caused the child whiplash injury due to the force of the impact estimated to be about 15 mph at the time.

How much compensation for whiplash injury claim?

The Solicitors acting for the child for compensation was able to obtain a medical report following an examination of the child.  After careful questioning by the expert and solicitors it was reported by the mother of the child the following:

  • whiplash injury, full recovery in 9 months
  • travel anxiety when in a car for 2 months
  • sleepless and disturbed nights 14 days
  • 2 days off school
  • damage to vehicle repaired and paid in full from other driver’s insurance company
  • all travel expenses, out of pocket costs paid in full

Whiplash Injury Compensation Payout

On the basis of the above child whiplash injury claim example, it is considered that the compensation for the child will be in the region of about £2800 to £3000.  The said payout will be invested by the Court until the child is 18 Years old when they can obtain the compensation direct.  For more information on child injury whiplash compensation claims please click on the link.

How much compensation for whiplash injury?  A video blog

Please see our video guide on how much compensation for whiplash injury or for a quick guide see below:

Whiplash Injury Compensation – Neck Injuries (soft tissue)
Severe (incomplete paraplegia)    – child whiplash injuries



Moderate to severe with permanent damage    – child whiplash injury



Moderate to severe damage to soft tissues/tendons    – child whiplash injuries compensation



Fractures and dislocations, limitation of movement    – child whiplash  injury compensation



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Whiplash, complete recovery within a few years     – child whiplash injury solicitors



Whiplash recover within one to two years     – child whiplash injuries accident



Whiplash recover within one year    – child whiplash injuries accident