Child accident in car

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Car accident and child injury

The mother made a child injury claim when her child was involved in car accident.  The child was a passenger in a car when the road traffic accident happend.

The child suffered from a whiplash injury and also disturbed sleep due to the car accident. The claimant was shocked for a few hours following the accident. A week after the accident the child was examined by her GP who prescribed her pain killers for the whiplash injury for one month. She was sleep deprived for one week. The claimant made a full recovery from the whiplash injury within 4 months and was awarded £932 in child injury compensation.

See below for child injury compensation awards.

Children and whiplash injury compensation claim payouts 
Severe (incomplete paraplegia)    – child injuries



Moderate to severe with permanent damage    – child injury



Moderate to severe damage to soft tissues/tendons    – child injuries compensation



Fractures and dislocations, limitation of movement    – child injury compensation



Whiplash, disc lesion need for surgery    – child injuries solicitors



Whiplash, complete recovery within a few years     – child injury solicitors



Whiplash recover within one to two years     – child injuries accident



Whiplash recover within one year    – child injuries accident