Whiplash caused by accident in car to child

Child injury claims,

Car accident and child injury; The guardian of a child made a child injury claim after the child was involved in a road crash.  The car accident caused her to suffer from whiplash injuries, headaches and flashbacks. The claimant was shocked at the scene and attended the hospital, where she was prescribed painkillers for her whiplash injury.


Following the car accident the claimant suffered from flashbacks and disturbed sleep, which resolved in one week. The child was not absent from school however.

An examination three months post-car accident found that she still has stiffness in the neck and was suffering from headaches. The claimant also had anxiety when being a passenger in the car and pretended she had imaginary brakes.  She made a full recovery within 9 months from the car accident.

Whiplash injury compensation claims payout

The child was awarded £2,900 after making a child injury claim.

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Whiplash Injury Compensation – Neck Injuries (soft tissue)
Severe (incomplete paraplegia)    – child injuries



Moderate to severe with permanent damage    – child injury



Moderate to severe damage to soft tissues/tendons    – child injuries compensation



Fractures and dislocations, limitation of movement    – child injury compensation



Whiplash, disc lesion need for surgery    – child injuries solicitors



Whiplash, complete recovery within a few years     – child injury solicitors



Whiplash recover within one to two years     – child injuries accident



Whiplash recover within one year    – child injuries accident