Knee injury caused by playing football

Child accident solicitors

A child injury claim was made when a child suffered injury when he cut his leg on a metal frame when playing football.  The child suffered a 100mm cut to the lower end of his knee- cap which required stitches and a smaller cut to the knee cap. He had to stay in hospital for four days and had to undergo two operations to debride (clean) the wounds and close the cuts with internal and external stitches. He was prescribed antibiotics and painkillers for two weeks.The stitches were removed after three weeks. The lacerations healed within five weeks; in the meantime the child had to use crutches.

Medical Examination

An examination some 2.5 years from the football accident date two scars remained. The scar on the knee- cap measured 12mm by 26mm, the scar below the knee- cap measured 110mm by 10mm. The claimant occasionally felt pain below the scar a few times a month. The pain would occur when sitting or standing for long periods of time.

Child Accidents Solicitors – Compensation Payout

The child was absent from school for three weeks and has problems walking for five weeks. He also had difficulty using stairs for six weeks. As a result of the accident the child could not take part in P.E lessons.

The child was awarded over £6,000 in child injury compensation.

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Child Injury and Compensation Guide

See below for out child injury compensation payout guide.  Anybody reading this blog must be aware that each case is different.  You need to contact us for advice on making a claim.

Knee Injuries
Severe, with disruption of the joint   – child injuries compensation



Moderate, permanent injury    – child injury compensation



With some instability or deformity    – child injuries solicitors



With dislocation, torn cartilage, wasting   – child injury solicitors



Minor injuries – child injuries accident