Cerebral palsy caused by medical negligence

Child brain injury solicitors

Serious child brain injury claim following a child accident at birth. The mother was 39 weeks pregnant when she had her “show” (mucus plug came away).

This is a case decided in court but some factors have been changed and this blog is for information purposes only.

The baby was induced the next day. The irregularities on the CTG trace (a machine that measures the baby’s heart beat and contractions) were ignored or overlooked. Through an assisted delivery the baby was born severely asphyxiated (suffocated). Due to the distressed birth the baby was born with quadriparetic cerebral palsy. The child was wheelchair dependant and very limited on mobility. She had no beneficial function of her arms and all of her limbs where affected by spasticity. The child was doubly incontinent and needed total care.

Child brain injury compensation

The child understood most of what was said to her even though she had learning difficulties. She could make sounds and a few appeared to be words. Despite some visual impairment she could follow people or object across a room. The child would always be dependent on care and accommodation would need to adapt to her needs. Her life expectancy was in her early 40’s. The child was awarded around £4,000,000 in child brain injury compensation.

Child Brain Injury Solicitors

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