Child injury compensation – sprained ankle

Child injury compensation – sprained ankle

A 13 year old boy made a child injury compensation claim after he suffered injury when he was playing football and fell into a ditch.The child injured his foot when he was running across a field and his foot went into an uncovered hole, causing him to sprain his ankle.The injured child was in severe pain and was taken to hospital to get his ankle x-rayed. The results shown no sign if any fracture. The injured child suffered a sprain to the ankle. The consultant advised the injured child to rest his ankle for the injury to heal where a full recovery was made within 3 months.

He was absent from school for 1 week after the accident.The Local Council responsible for the injury after several months of negotiations and claim and cross claim admitted blame for the accident with the child’s accident solicitors. The child was awarded £1,500 in child injury compensation . The child’s parents also received compensation for expenses and loss of earnings.

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