Child Injury Claims- Child Injured in fall

Child injury claims – child injured in fall

A parent made a claim for compensation following an injury to her child when she fell over a grid resulting in the child suffering injuries to her ankle and ligaments in the lower leg.

The child suffered a from three fractures to her ankle and also tore two ligaments in the lower leg which encouraged the child’s mother to submit a Child Injury Claim. Following the child’s accident she underwent surgery for a screw to be implanted into her ankle. Her ankle and lower leg was placed in plaster for seven weeks.

After the plaster was removed the child had to undergo surgery for a further five months to regain strength in her ankle. The child still suffered with pain when walking and could only walk slowly 3 and half months after the accident. A further examination took place nine months after the accident and found there was a noticeable scar due to the operation. The metal work which was implanted into the ankle was removed 12 months after the incident.

Child Injuries Claims

The child received £8,900 in child injury compensation after making a child injury claim. For further information on compensation payouts for children and ankle injuries please click on the link:

Child ankle injuries compensation calculator:

The following is a guide.

Moderate with some instability – child injuries
£14,520 £24,640

With ligamentous tears, metal work, scarring – child injury
£11,110 £21,505

Simple fractures – child injury accident
£6,700 £7,370

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