Child Accident Solicitors- Child trapped fingers in a hotel lift.

Child Accident Solicitors– Child trapped fingers in a hotel lift.

A young girl was staying at a hotel with her Mother which had multiple floors when the accident occured and her mother instructed the chid accident solicitors.

The Mother opted to get the lift as it would be hard to get her pram up the stairs of the hotel. While waiting for the lift, the child was standing close to the lift doors.  When the doors opened they caused the girls hand to become trapped. She was very distressed during the experience.

While her hand was stuck in the lift a person who was staying in the hotel who was walking past asked for a first aider. The first aider was not helpful and said there was nothing she could do but put an ice pack on her hand.

The mother took it upon herself to take her child to the local hospital where it was confirmed that she suffered severe fractures to her fingers.

The mother of the child contacted a Child Accident Solicitors were her claim was valued at £13,978.

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