Child Injury at school resulting in a head injury

Child Injury at school resulting in a head injury

A parent instructed a Child Injury Solicitors after their child suffered injury at school. The claimant suffered a child head injury after another student threw a 5mm stone at his head in the playground.

The child suffered a 5mm cut on his forehead. Resulting in the claimant to have 7 stitches in his forehead and suffering with headaches and blurred eyesight due to the pain the child was in.

Compensation for child head injury

The mother of the child instructed us, the child Injury Solicitors in order to seek advice about the injury to the child, for support and to investigate whether there would be long lasting symptoms.  The child heard injury solicitor were able to instruct expert medical doctors to advise upon the head injury to re-assure the child and parent that there were no long lasting problems.

In addition to the re-assurance, the child head injury solicitors were able to recover compensation for the pain, suffering and worry which flowed from the accident.

Head Injury Compensation and Child Award

As a result of the accident the child sustained from reduced vision and had to wear glasses or contact lenses.  It was likely that this injury may be permanent but only a slight distortion.

The child was awarded £9,000 for the head injury.

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Below is a calculator for guidance only.  For more information click on the above link.


Moderate Brain Damage child injury solicitors £28,000 to £140,000
Minor Brain Damage child injuries accident £10,000 to £28,000
Minor Head Injury child injury accident £1,500 to £9,000
Epilepsy – Established Grand Mal child injuries compensation £65,000 to £97,000
Epilepsy – Established Petit Mal child injury solicitors £35,000 to £85,000
Minor – Moderate Epileptic Conditions child injuries accident £7,000 to £17,000