Child slipped in shop causing injury

Child accident solicitors

child injury compensation claim was made after a 10 year old boy slipped and fell in a supermarket.  A bottle of water was knocked off the shelf and caused a spillage on the floor.  The child was unaware of the water being on the floor as there were no wet floor signs and slipped landing on the floor.

The supermarket admitted that there was not regular system of cleaning and inspection.

Child injury compensation

The child immediately felt severe pain in his arm and was taken to hospital. The boy had an x ray which shown a fracture to the elbow.  His parents were advised to rest his elbow as much as possible and avoid knocking it.  The child was off school for 3 weeks and missed out on learning. On his return to school he had to catch up with his class mates.

The child was awarded £3,600 in child injury compensation.

See our child accident in shops video below: