Whiplash injury to child

Whiplash compensation injury how much? £2,500

Whiplash injury to a child passenger who was sitting in the back seat of his father’s car who was driving the vehicle. The father’s vehicle was struck from behind by a 4×4 vehicle whilst stationary at traffic lights. Both the father and child were shunted forwards and backwards due to the force of the car crash collision.

The both sought independent whiplash injury claim solicitor to seek advice about making a claim for the injuries sustained.

They sought advice from their own injury lawyers to make a claim and not the father’s insurance company panel solicitors.

Following examination by an orthopaedic surgeon instructed by the injury lawyers, the father’s prognosis was that he would make a full recovery from his whiplash injury within 5 months of the road traffic accident.

The child passenger who was 12 years of age at the time of the road traffic accident was advised that he would make a full recovery from the whiplash injury symtpoms within 8 months. However the child also suffered from psychological trauma including travel anxiety, sleep disturbance, nightmares and flashbacks. All resolved within 12 months from the date of the road crash.

Whiplash injury calculator for father – 5 months £2,200

Whiplash injury calculator for Child injury – 8 months £2,900

Whiplash Injury Claims

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