Child dies in fatal bike accident

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A child has died after a fatal child accident.  The schoolboy died after suffering major internal injuries when he fell off his bike.
He was speeding down a hill at 31mph when he was playing with friends. The accident occurred just before 5:30pm.

Fatal Child Accidents

The eight year old was thrown from the pedal bike when he lent over to the side to go round a corner and his pedal hit the ground.  The bike and child flew into the air. The child collided with the bike causing him internal injuries including cuts to his liver.
Following the accident the child called out for his mother. He was rushed to hospital though despite best efforts the child passed away.

The child was out playing with friends after school when the fatal accident occurred.  The boy was having a turn on the bike like the other children before him but he did not come back.  A man went out to investigate after hearing a loud noise and found the child lying on a grass verge. He was able to tell the man his name and address.
An investigation into the accident found that the bike was in good working order though it looked “scruffy”. There were no defects on the road to cause the accident.  The accident caused the child to have a broken rib which pierced his liver causing the internal bleeding. There was also a red mark of his chest which was consistent with him being thrown from the bike. Neighbours looked after the child until the ambulance arrived.

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