Surgery needed for amputation of the thumb

Children injury claims

An infant child suffered injury when playhouse doors closed on her hand, her hand become trapped inside the door causing a cut to her thumb resulting in partial amputation. The tip of her thumb including her nail was hanging from a flap of skin. The child was taken to hospital where she had surgery under local anesthetic to stitch her thumb back together. Following surgery a dressing was applied and she was prescribed antibiotics.

Child Scarring Compensation Claims

The child felt pain in her thumb for a week and was given Calpol and ibuprofen. The wound needed dressing for two weeks, in that time the stitches dissolved. Her fingernail that was lost in the accident re grew over a few weeks. Due to the accident the child suffered from disturbed sleep for one week.
Two years following the accident the child attended her GP and no functional disability was found. It took three months for her to regain the full use of her hand. The infant was left with a small scar on her thumb. The child was awarded over £1,000 after making a children’s injury claim.

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