Whiplash injury caused by car accident

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A child suffered from whip lash injuries when the car she was traveling in was involved in a car accident.

Car accident and child injury

The child was a passenger in a car that was rear shunted and caused her injury.

Child Whiplash Injury

The child suffered from whiplash injuries and a soft tissue injury to her back and shoulder.  Immediately after the car accident the child felt pain in her shoulder. A few hours later she felt stiffness and pain in her neck and lower back. She attended her local hospital where she was X rayed and given a neck brace and pain relief. Following the car accident the child was a nervous passenger when traveling in a car.
The child took pain relief for one week, due to the pain the child suffered from disturbed sleep for two nights.
The child was not absent from school. Her whiplash injuries resolved in two weeks, the soft tissue injury to her shoulder and travel anxiety resolved in 8 months and her back injury was resolved in six weeks. The child was awarded close to £2,000 after making contacting the child accident solicitors.

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How Much Compensation For Whiplash Injury & Calculator

In respect of whiplash injuries and compensation payouts we have provided an extensive information to calculate the amount of whiplash compensation you can obtain on behalf of your child and or adult.  The below links are only a guide and you must seek independent legal advice.