Child scarring caused by screws

Child accident solicitors

The child was walking with his mother and mounting a kerb. He tripped when he was mounting the kerb and fell, landing on screws which were left by the removal of public seating. The child was taken to hospital following the accident and had a 1.5cm cut to his forehead which was surrounded by bruising. The wound was treated with paper sutures. An x ray found that there was no abnormality on the skull. He was discharged with advice for head injury.

Child Scarring Compensation Claims

The paper sutures were removed after 10 days following the accident. The lactation healed in two weeks but still remained red in colour and bruised for two weeks. For a few days following the accident the child’s eye remained closed. On examination 24 months following the accident the child was left with a 0.8cm by 2mm scar.  The child was awarded over £1,000 in compensation after contact the child accident solicitors

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