Elbow injury caused in school

Child accident solicitors

A child was entitled to make a  child injury claim after a suffering injury to his elbow.

Accident at School or Nursery

The child was playing football in the school’s gymnasium when he slipped on water left on the floor. He landed on his elbow which caused his elbow to fracture; he attended hospital on the same day. His elbow needed to have an operation to reduce the fracture, after the operation his arm was put in a elbow back slab which was worn for two and a half weeks and plaster cast which was worn for another four weeks. The child was in pain for 8 weeks. He also needed help with dressing, showering and cutting up food.

Child injury claims

Seven months following the accident the child needed further surgery on his elbow to remove the tension band wiring. The child fell behind in school and could not take part in is P.E lessons for 10 months. The child lost 5 degrees out of his full extension of his arm and the joint would click. He was left with a scar measuring 7cm by 3cm which was notable and made him conscious. He was also a competitive swimmer before the accident; he had to stop swimming which upset him. Eventually he was able to join again though his strokes were affected.
The child was awarded close to £12,000 after making a child injury claim.

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