Car accident caused scar and ankle injury

Child accident solicitors

A child suffered injury after he was hit by a car; he was thrown into the air and landed on the pavement. He was unconscious for 1-2 minutes.

Car accident and child injury

He attended hospital following the accident; he was checked over and sent home. He went back to the hospital later that night when his condition deteriorated.
The child suffered from multiple injuries due to the car accident. X rays found fractures to his skull and ankle. The fracture to his ankle was treated by back slab plaster cast. He had to stay in hospital for two days. The plaster cast was removed after one week and his ankle was placed in a tubigrip. The swelling and cut to his head settled after two weeks. He suffered from vomiting, dizziness and nausea for one week after the accident. Also he suffered a fear of roads. The claimant did not attended school for six weeks and did not play football for one year.

Child Scarring Compensation Claims

The headaches, dizziness and sickness still occurred once a month and was left with a scar on his head.
The child was awarded over £5,000 after contacting the child accident solicitors.

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Ankle Injuries
Severe with deformity and degeneration   – child injury accident



Moderate with some instability   – child injuries



With ligamentous tears, metal work, scarring   – child injury



Minor undisplaced fractures, some scarring   – child injuries compensation