A 12-year-old child suffered injuries at school.

Child Injury Solicitors

A 12-year-old student suffered soft tissue injuries to his chest, left shoulder and upper arm after being assaulted with a wooden drawing board by a fellow pupil in school.

After the assault the child was taken to see his GP when he was diagnosed with soft tissue injuries and was advised to take oral medicine for pain relief.
Immediately after the accident the child seemed to be extremely shocked, shaken and upset which resulted in him taking oral tranquilisers for a couple of weeks due to the child suffering disturbed sleep.

The claimant could submit a child injury claim with a child injury solicitor.

Due to the accident the child remained off school for a period of 7 weeks, during his absence from school his person hygiene was limited for 6 weeks, he could not attend any fitness classes till 7 weeks post-accident. He also experienced symptoms of post-assault shock for a period of 6 weeks.

The child’s parents contacted the child injury solicitors when they then won the child £3,500 for their child’s injuries compensation.