Child Injury Compensation Claim made following Hit and Run


A car that is said to have seemingly lost all control mounted the curb upon which the Claimant, her brother and her mother were walking.

The said car did not actually hit the Claimant or her mother but it did in fact hit her brother who was walking behind the Claimant and her mother.

The Claimant’s brother was launched across the road with the impact of the collision and he was lying on the floor bleeding and was later unconscious.

He attended at the hospital with assistance from Emergency Services where he underwent treatment.

The motorist did not stop at the scene and it is said to have been a hit and run.

The Claimant’s brother suffered severe back and neck pain and swelling and bruising to his side.

The Claimant made a claim for chiild injury compensation following the incident as she was adversely affected and continued to replay the incident in her head, which caused a lack of sleep and anxiety. She lost her hair due to stress and developed a fear of pavements following the incident.

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