Child Injury Solicitors – child sustains permanent scarring


Child, aged 3, sustained injuries to his face and a deep laceration to the upper ear which resulted in permanent scarring.

The incident occurred when he was getting his hair cut and the hair dresser slipped, catching his face and ear with the scissors on the way down.

The child attended at hospital where they cleaned the cut.

The wound healed within a period of two weeks, leaving the child with permanent scarring.

The child received £4,500.00 in compensation following the incident.

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Scaring to Child’s Nose

For child scarring assessments it is difficult to value without the full facts of the case including pictures of scarring.  In this case the picture below reproduced with the permission of the Litigation Friend (Father of the Child) the compensation was valued at £8,000 in 2014.  For more information on this claim please see: Child scarring compensation claims

Photograph of scarring tissue to nose of child

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