Child Injured At School Compensation

Child Injured At School Compensation

The Child injury claimant, aged 8 years old, was involved in an accident when she was injured in school.

The Claimant was sitting in the wooden seating area at lunch time when she stood up and caught her leg on a nail which was sticking out.

As a result of the defect in the seating area, the Claimant sustained a deep laceration to her leg.

The Claimant attended at hospital for stitches immediately and was informed by the surgeon that she would be left with permanent scarring.

One year following the incident, the Claimant’s wound had healed but she was left with a visible scar of 8cm long.

The Claimant’s Litigation Friend together with Child Injury Solicitors made a claim on her behalf and received £2,200.00 in ‘Child Injured At School Compensation‘, given the severity of the injury.


Has your child been injured at school?

Contact Child Injury Solicitors to see if your child is entitled to compensation – Child Injury Solicitors help parents whose child/ children have been injured through no fault of their own.

We will help you every step of the way as we appreciate the stress and anxiety that parents or guardians experience having dealt with many child injury claims over 20 years. Like you we want what is best for your child concerning rehabilitation, medical advice and compensation for the pain and suffering.