Child injured – Swimming Lessons

Child Injured in Swimming Lesson

Claimant child, aged 4 years old, was injured in a swimming baths whilst she was participating in a school swimming trip.

The Claimant fell, hit her face on the tiles and thereafter split her lip open due to the slippy surface and tile defect.

The Litigation Friend (this is usually mother or father of the child) pursued a claim against the Defendant on the basis that there were no wet floor signs and due to the defect on the tile, which assisted in splitting the Claimant child’s lip.

As a result of the incident, the Claimant’s Litigation Friend made a claim for compensation on her daughter’s behalf and after some investigation, she received a sum of £1,700.00 in compensation.

Swimming Pool Accidents – Deaths

Thankfully the above child injury claim here was not serious.  However, you are are looking into accidents at a swimming pool, or public place where there has been a fatality or serious or life changing injuries more information can be considered by our webpage titled, “Swimming Pool Drowning.” In relation to fatal accident claims generally please visit our dedicated fatal accident claims website or internal page fatal accident to child.


Should you have been injured in a public place and wish to make a claim for compensation, please do not hesitate to contact our Child Injury Solicitors.