Child Injured at School Compensation

Child Injured at School Compensation

Claimant child, aged 8 years old, was injured at school as a result of poor supervision and an inadequate Risk Assessment.

As a result of the Defendant’s school’s negligence, the Claimant child suffered a 4 inch laceration to her cheek when she fell on a defective planter.

The Claimant was left with permanent facial scarring and after much investigation in the matter, it was found that she needed to obtain advice from a plastic surgeon.

Scarring to Child & Face

Chid injuries to the face which may or may not lead to scarring can be a worrying time for both parent and the child in question.  Disfigurement in particular will be a life changing injury which is more of a disadvantage in adult life to girls than boys: for more information and guidance to children scarring injuries please visit: child scarring compensation.


For a rough guide as to facial disfigurement valuation- please see below chart.


scarring snipper

Just one week following the incident, the Claimant’s Mother and Litigation Friend pursued a claim for compensation on her daughters behalf.

The incident was reported and just one month later, the defect in question was sanded down.

The Claimant, represented by her Litigation Friend, received £6,100.00 worth of compensation for her damages.

Has your child been injured at school?

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