Child loses two front teeth in RTA

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Mother of four year old child made a claim for compensation as a result of an incident that occurred when their car collided with another motor vehicle.

As a result of the road traffic accident claim, the child lost two of her front teeth and sustained bruising to her jaw and whiplash injury to the child.

The Claimant child attended at hospital following the road traffic accident and had to stay in overnight for monitoring and thereafter had to undergo dental treatment due to the loss of her two front teeth.

The Child Injury Solicitors valued the claim in the region of £ 8,000 and the Claimant child thereafter was provided with a Child Injury Compensation settlement figure of £8,200.00.

Should you wish to make a Children Injury Compensation Claim then please do not hesitate to contact us children compensation solicitors.  For more information on child injuries to teeth please visit our internal page: Teeth Injuries to Children: for guidance or road accident claims see; whiplash injury claims.

Below offers a rough guide as to teeth injury compensation.

Damage to Teeth

Loss/Damage to several front teeth   – child injury accident



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