Volkswagen Diesel Claims

Volkswagen Diesel Respiratory Claims

Respiratory diseases in children is a concern to partents/gurdians and of course the child himself/herself. Vunerable children may have their health indirectly affected by the excess pollution of these motor vehicles in the UK.

There was a significant rise in April 2015 in England when the air pollution was very high giving rise to concerns by many charities that this could affect vunerabel people, especially children whose lungs are not fully developed and or where they already suffer from a pre-existing condition.

This large spike in air pollution came before the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Claims.  The British Lung Foundation have commented upon this important issue as follows:

Dr Penny Woods, British Lung Foundation (BLF), said: “To reduce the impact, people who find their health affected can take simple steps such as avoiding busy roads, especially during rush hour, and refraining from strenuous exercise outside.”