Child Injured in shop


17-year-old girl suffered burns to the scalp when she underwent hair treatment at a salon.

The Claimant attended a local salon with a view of having highlights put into her hair. It was believed that the salon never took out a “patch test” which they are supposed to do to check for any reactions/allergies 24 hours prior to having your hair dyed. It was confirmed the claimant had highlights in the past, but not at the Defendant’s salon.

As the highlighting foils and solution was applied to the Claimants hair, she instantly felt a burning sensation on the back of her head. She touched the foil that was closest to the area and noticed it was hot. The Claimant requested for the foil to be removed but the stylist initially refused to do so persuading the Claimant there was nothing wrong. As the stylist was removing the foils, it appears she burnt her hands and she used gloves to remove them. When the solution washed out the Claimant noticed that big clumps of hair came away from her scalp causing a child injury.

The manager inspected the affected areas of the Claimant’s head and advised that she was fine, she received no advice about the area where she felt the burning sensation. Due to this, her head began to blister.

Due to her injuries she was left with a 5cm-8cm bald patch at the back of her head and required surgical treatment. The treatment would involve a number of procedures that involve skin grafting which left her with permanent scarring. This is when the claimant’s mother decided to contact a Child Injury Solicitors to take this further.

The Claimant was awarded with £10,000 in child injury compensation.

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