Child Injury Claim – Accident at School – Knee injury

Child Injury Claim – Accident at School – Knee injury

An 16 year old boy was stuck in the knee whilst playing cricket during a P.E lesson.

The boy was not provided any protection by the school, this resulted in the boy having to be carried off in a wheel chair and taken to the Accident and Emergency room in hospital immediately.

It was discovered via an X-Ray that the boy has sustained a fracture within his right knee.

He was out of school for 2 weeks and had to carry round a crutch for a further 2 weeks whilst he was in school.

This created issues for the boy as exam season and thus disrupted his studies and caused him discomfort during his exams was around and his father decided to make a claim.


Child Injury and knee injury compensation calculator.

Below is a quick reference for knee injury awards.  If you require further and specific assessment on the value of the claim please ensure that you contact the child injury solicitors.

Knee Injuries
Severe, with disruption of the joint   – child injuries compensation



Moderate, permanent injury    – child injury compensation



With some instability or deformity    – child injuries solicitors



With dislocation, torn cartilage, wasting   – child injury solicitors



Minor injuries – child injuries accident



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