Child seriously injured after drinking cleaning products

Child injured in shop after cleaning products were left out



A child aged two was seriously injured after drinking caustic soda whilst in a shop. The child was shopping with his mother and was strapped in to his pram when the accident occurred. He reached for a bottle of caustic soda that was left out on a shelf and drank the contents.

He was rushed to hospital where he was treated for severe injuries, which included burns to his throat and stomach. The child’s injuries were fortunately not life threatening however they were extremely serious as he spent a number of days in hospital.

Caustic soda is a highly toxic chemical commonly found in drain and oven cleaners. If it is touched, inhaled or swallowed it can cause severe burns. As there is such high risks attached to this type of product it is imperative that steps are taken to keep it away from children. In instances such as this one where serious injuries are caused to a child the person in control of the correct storing of the product maybe liable in negligence and ordered to pay the victim compensation.

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