Child injured after bus suddenly stops

Child compensated for injuies sustained whilst a passenger on bus

Child injury stressed hug adult

A schoolgirl has received £1,600 in compensation after being injured on a bus.

The girl, aged nine at the date of the accident  sustained a soft tissue injury to her right index finger when the bus in which she was travelling stopped suddenly, throwing her forwards into the seat in front. She was examined at hospital and advised to take paracetamol. The pain in her finger began to improve after three to four weeks, but on examination at five months after the accident the girl was still suffered pain two to three times a week and her finger remained tender. The prognosis was for a full recovery within six months after the accident. She also suffered headaches for two weeks, broken sleep for one week and low mood for three weeks. She became nervous when travelling by bus. Although her anxiety was predicted to resolve within six months.

If your child has suffered an injury and you believe it was through someone else’s negligence then please visit our dedicated child injury website.