Schools paid £1.5 million in a year to children who suffered injuries


Pupils have been compensated for variety of injuries.


Schools paid £1.5million to 150 pupils in 2015 for injuries ranging from splinters from a wooden bench to suffering a broken leg playing sports. Among other pay-outs for mishaps was £4,000 for a child burned by an ice pack after being told to put it on a leg hurt in a playground fall, the child was said to have suffered ice burns on his legs as there was no instruction that the pack should have been removed occasionally and therefore it was left on too long.

In pay-outs by Local Education Authorities across England last year, some of the highest were for sports accidents. A pupil who fell off a vaulting horse was paid £21,950. A child struck by a goalpost received £19,162 and a student who broke a leg vaulting a hurdle was awarded £18,500 .

Schools have also been found negligent when not taking appropriate steps to safeguard pupils during bad weather. In Nottingham the council admitted it was at fault for not gritting a playground where a pupil slipped on ice, leading to a £13,500 injury claim.

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