Child suffers injury at play farm

Child suffers injury to her thumb and receives compensation


A 17 month old girl was compensated after an accident at a play farm resulted in partial amputation of her thumb. The child was playing in a play house when the door closed on her right hand, causing her hand to become trapped inside. She was taken to hospital where she underwent partial amputation of the tip of her thumb under general anaesthetic.

The girl’s mother brought a claim against the play farm and was successful in her claim. The girl was awarded £1,500 in compensation after suffering the injury in the accident. The girl had the tip of her thumb stitched and there was some partial scarring after they were removed.

The energetic and fearless nature of children means they are bound to get in to scrapes and bumps, however sometimes children are injured through negligence and if your child has suffered injury through no fault of their own then we at R James Hutcheon Solicitors can help you during that difficult time. Please visit our website for more information.