Child drowns on family holiday

Four year old boy drowns in pool whilst on holiday

A boy aged four tragically drowned on a family holiday in Spain, as reported in The Express. The accident took place at a private property Costa Blanca resort of Torrevieja a short drive south of Alicante, and it’s believed that the young boy fell in to the pool.

According to the article in The Express it is believed that the family were starting a two week holiday in Spain when tragedy struck. The alarm was by a neighbour to the property when they heard screams, an ambulance arrived a short time later, however they were unable to resusitate the boy.

This is a tragic incident and our thoughts are with the family at this very sad time.

We at R James Hutcheon have vast experience in dealing with child injury and child drowning cases. Our empathetic and caring approach means we fully support the family during these difficult times, whilst fighting to get them the answers they deserve. Please visit our dedicated website for more information.