Child injury – Broken bone

Child suffers injury to his elbow after slipping


The schoolboy, aged 15, was injured when he slipped on water on a gymnasium floor whilst playing football. He was right hand dominant and landed heavily on the tip of his left elbow and suffered a fracture. As a result of the injury the child sustained he was taken to hospital and underwent surgery where metal wire was inserted to help heal the open fracture.

Seven months after the surgery the client underwent further surgery to have the wiring removed meaning the accident had significant impact on his daily life. The child required help from his parents with everyday activities such as; showering, dressing and cutting up his food. Further consequences of the accident and the injuries the child sustained where he was unable to take part in Physical Education at school for 10 months and had to have a personal tutor as he fell behind with his studies.

The child had a scar measuring 7cm by 3cm straddling the back of the elbow joint. He was conscious of the scar, which was noticeable and was occasionally pointed out by others. The accident also affected his hobby of swimming and this upset him considerably.

The child was awarded £12,000 in compensation.

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