Child injury claim – Child bitten by dog

Child injury claim successfull after child was bitten by dog.

Child injury stressed hug adultA 10 year old girl was walking in a park with her parents when she was bitten by a large dog.

As the child and her parents were walking past the dog and its owners, the dog suddenly bit the little girl on her abdomen.

The injuries sustained were 5 puncture wounds to the abdomen and a laceration. She was left with multiple scars ranging in size and the scars were expected to fade in time.

The child also had psycological trauma from the incident and was afraid to go to the park. She also suffered anxiety attacks

The childs parents put forward a child injury claim against the dog owners for failing to control the dog and preventing it from causing injuries to other people.

The claim was successful and the child received £5900.00 in compensation for her injuries.