Maternity Negligence – Birth injuries

Child could’ve been saved if midwife followed protocol


A toddler who died from injuries suffered during birth could have been born healthy had midwives followed national guidelines and called an obstetrician. Medical evidence showed that the child would’ve lived as a healthy child if a decision was made to deliver him by way of caesarean section 10 minutes before he was delivered naturally. However due to maternity negligence the midwives did not perform a c section and the child was starved of oxygen in the final stages of labour meaning he was born with severe cerebral palsy.

Sadly the child died aged two from respiratory failure caused by the brain injury suffered at birth.

The parents of the child made claim against the NHS for maternity negligence. Medical evidence submitted to the court found that if midwives ad monitored his heart rate according to national guidelines and called an obstetrician when labour failed to progress and emergency C section would’ve been performed.

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