Child injury Claim – boy receives compensation after falling off a climbing frame

Child Injury Claim – successfull claim after a boy fell through rotten wood step on a climbing frame

shutterstock_79134970A schoolboy aged 10 suffered a small bowel injury with a consequential permanent scar to the abdomen when he fell from a wooden climbing frame. One of his feet had become caught on a rotten step and he had struck himself on the rung of the ladder below. Immediately after the accident he was in extreme pain on the right side of his abdomen. He was vomiting and unable to stand up. He was taken to hospital and a CT scan of his abdomen was conducted.

Free gas was reported in the peritoneal cavity and a laceration injury to the small bowel was identified. The child was in intensive care for four days. A laparotomy operation was performed and the findings were a 5mm perforation a with about 50mls of contamination. The perforation was closed with sutures and the abdominal cavity washed.

The boys parents decided to Claim for compensation and were successfull.

He received £13,000.00 in compensation

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