Child Injury Claim – child receives compensation after falling from moving bus

Child Injury Claim – child receives compensation payout.

shutterstock_212705374A schoolgirl has been awarded compensation after the school bus she was travelling on moved away too quickly while she was disembarking from the bus.

the girl struck her head and was unconscious for about 30 minutes. When she regained consciousness she was in hospital, and he was kept in hospital overnight for neurological observation.

She sustained a large swelling to the back of her head and suffered pain at the site of the injury on the back of her head.

The headaches persisted throughout the day of the accident and the next day. During that time she stayed in bed and took paracetamol for pain relief. the girl was absent from school for a week, during which time she mainly slept.

The schoolgirl  also suffered symptoms of dizziness if she moved her head quickly and experienced symptoms of blurred vision and went white in colour. The symptoms of headaches and dizziness largely settled within four months. Thereafter she suffered some intermittent symptoms every few weeks, which resolved completely within 10 months of the accident. she suffered post-traumatic amnesia for a period of 30 minutes

The girls parents contacted a Child Injury Claim Solicitor, who claimed damages from the Defendant on her behalf.

The Claim was successfull and as a result she received £3700.00 in Compensation

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