Maternity Negligence – Cerebral Palsy as a result of medics mistakes

Baby starved at oxygen during birth leads to cerebral palsy

shutterstock_212705374A young girl has been successful in bring a claim for maternity negligence against Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust after she was left with cerebral palsy after being starved of oxygen at birth. During the trial the court heard how the hospital staff had failed to spot indicators that the baby was being starved of oxygen, a medical expert explained that if these signs were acted upon the baby would have been delivered some 17 minutes earlier by emergency C section and would not have suffered such serious injuries.

Due to the hospitals negligence the girl was born with severe brain damage which caused acute cerebral palsy. This affects her everyday life including her speech and mobility, as a result the girl needs 24 hour care and assistance.

shutterstock_267718298The parents of the girl instructed a specialist firm of maternity negligence solicitors to deal with their case. They were awarded £6.7 million pound, with an initial lump sum of £2.6 million to help pay for the care required and modifications to their home.

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